Putting on an event and want it covered for sales, customer engagement and promotion? Visionary Leaders Media has you covered with industry professionals. We will assess the logistics and connect with your team and other vendors as needed to ensure we capture the event with a level of quality allowing you the client to sale digital copies, dvds or even mp3 files through itunes and other online platforms. We also offer highlight videos from your event allowing you to engage with your fans and followers via social media.

Services Include:

Pre-production meetings

Location Scouting (if needed)

Concept Development

Cinematography (HD & 4K)


Motion Graphics

Logo Animation


Original Scoring



Camera Operator
File Transfer
File Management
File Delivery


Booking & Initial Creative Consultation

Once we confirm your project date, time and production logistics we will send you a proposal with the agreed statement of work. After your review and both parties signature, the agreed deposit will be collected to secure your project date. We then sit down and discuss your brand, image and your projected goals for the project.

Pre-Production Project Development

In this phase, the concept for your video comes to life. Any necessary meetings and location scouting will also take place during this phase. Lastly, if you require script writing and copy editing that will happen here as well.


Action! This is where the cameras roll and we capture the story!

Post Production

Once production is concluded, our team of editors create the final digital product for your brand. This also any where voice-over recording and original scoring happens as well.

Delivery & Integration

Once your video is complete we can deliver it to you online or a thumb drive.